Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bronze weather safe? How much does it weigh?

Yes, Silent Battle is ready for all the elements. The patina gets even richer over time. Yearly maintenance only requires cleaning and occasional waxing. The finished bronze is about 350 pounds, with the base being on top of that.

How do we raise the money? How much do we need?

We can help you raise the money to commission one of the limited edition Silent Battle sculptures to be cast for your community. GoFundMe and other online donation programs are perfect for purchasing public art. We can help by offering incentive gifts, such as smaller versions of Silent Battle or Silent Battle donor gifts at wholesale prices. The cost is available upon request and varies depending on shipping and installation at your site.

How long does it take?

Four to six months is the average time to have the sculpture cast for your community. As it is a limited and numbered signed edition, each one is made in turn. This time frame gives your community ample time to raise the funds for purchase and installation.

What about installation?

Installing on your site may require you to  have a concrete base poured or stone prepared. Anita can help design the perfect display for your venue.

How do we know if it will fit in our space?

Anita can prepare design drawings if necessary for you to make sure the scale and location is just right for your installation. 


"I knew what this meant without even reading a word. It is exactly my experience with post traumatic stress."

           -Iraq vet in Lewiston, Idaho

"The first step in healing is knowing we aren't alone. This sculpture does that, and I finally feel understood."

                -Gulf war Army veteran, MN

"I want my children to see this- people need to know what its like to come back."                     -Vietnam Vet, Idaho

Eyes of Freedom Traveling Memorial

How do I bring the Eyes of Freedom to my home town?

Please visit our website: to learn more about how to host the Eyes of Freedom and Silent Battle in your home town. 

Can hosting the Eyes of Freedom help me introduce Silent Battle to my town?

By bringing the Eyes of Freedom to your town or event, your community can gauge the response and see if commissioning a limited edition of Silent Battle would be appreciated in your area. A special appeals fundraiser can even be held during your event so people can see Silent Battle in person.